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Long Live Atari

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I was watching the recent Atari.IO News video and when it finished I seen a link to the Atari Memories made by Atari.IO.




I absolutely love the music in this video and it captures everything that Atari was about.  It was more than video games that's for sure.  And I am not sure if you could call it a toy or not.  Well...if it is a toy then it was definitely one of the coolest toys ever made!


But in all seriousness...There was Atari, the socializing about Atari games on the market and coming soon.  There were arcade games coming out, hanging out at the arcades, wondering when that favorite arcade game was coming to home consoles.  There was also that excitement of wishing for that Atari console or game for months on end only to find one wrapped up for whatever the occasion may be.  No other generation will experience the Atari I grew up with in the same way.  Lucky for those younger gamers who enjoy Atari consoles the games are already there...no waiting for a release date to happen.  It is definitely an era I would live all over again if I had that choice.  Great memories for sure!!  Long live Atari and everything it stands for.

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Terrific video!


Evertything you say is true, kamakazi!


Atari came into our lives and shaped a cultural imprint as much as the original Star Wars, in the sense that it was a way of thinking.


You'd be chatting with buddies about sci-fi stories and end up praising the Falcon and such.

If you'd be talking the latest arcade machine, chances are it was Atari, or Atari-ish. Then you'd end up in a mood for a quick game and fire up the console.

Everything about it made you feel good. It still does.


It's a wave of coolness you never stop riding.

Younger folks today have multiplayer, co-op on an international scale (though much of it tinged in bloody warfare).

It was refreshing when Minecraft became the new best thing in video gaming, so that dads could play with their kids of all ages after work and enjoy the zen-like qualities of the better games.


Atari was a constant exploration, an exciting discovery, a perfect gaming companion.


Long live Atari, indeed!

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