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XBOX 360 Production Ceased

Atari 5200 Guy

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You can get a new one refurbished on GameStop.com for 100 bucks-ish.     

Never was a huge fan of the library for Xbox compared to PS, but it  does still have some great titles on it!

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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This is the third 360 I've had.  My original one became part of a divorce so I lost it.  My second one was short lived because I tried it out and then took it back to try out a Phat PS3.  I liked the PS3 a bit better at the time.  And that 360 was an Elite model.  The only model I had red-ring was a used arcade unit I got off of ShopGoodwill.  It was already red-ringed and I managed to get a year and a half's worth of use out of it so I am not to upset over that one.  It's not been a bad console for me and I am discovering game genres and series that are enjoyable.  The Games with Gold have helped me discover Saint's Row, Borderlands, Terraria, and many others I can't list.


As for GameStop...they have a Blast From The Past bundle with a 360, Wii, and PS3 consoles for $200.  Or...for $69 you can get a refurbished, original 360 console with hard drive and a few games.  I've thought about that.  If I do, however, I will have to pick up a few extra Borderland titles because that is the only 360 game my wife and I have found that she can enjoy playing.  Most other games make her light headed and sick to her stomach.

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The 360 is a good console.  I'm not going to say the greatest console because in my opinion there are other consoles I find better.  I thought the original XBOX was far superior to the 360...and still do.  It's a solid system that performs very well.  I only wish that Microsoft would have continued to support the Live aspect of it.

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The 360 reinvigorated my love for gaming.


After the Dreamcast, I had a PS2 but pretty much only played SOCOM with my buddies. Granted, those were some incredible moments but I wouldn't consider myself a "gamer" during that time. 


But from the moment I walked into Target in February 2005 and saw Call of Duty 2 playing on a demo unit, I had to have one. I got one & I didn't really play it that much for the first couple of months. Then I read an article somewhere about how your 360 can blog. I was intrigued, signed up and soon after that, I truly began to understand how the achivements worked. That tapped into my OCD gene and I was off & running.

I signed up for Gamefly, convinced some friends to pick up a 360 and for the next 8-9 years, I became a "gamer". (At least it felt like I was.)


My original unit RROD two days before GTA IV released. There's no way I could handle not being able to play GTA IV, so while my original unit was being repaired, I picked up an Elite. When my original 360 was fixed, I sent it to a buddy so he could enjoy it.


The Elite is still going strong but since I have a massive backlog of games I want to play (mainly for achievements!), I picked up a slightly used R2D2 unit in 2014. That's my go-to unit and when I need a break from XBO gaming, I'll fire that up. (Currently trying to complete Wolfenstein 3D).


The bottom line for me is that I have a HUGE soft spot for the 360. Will it ever mean as much to me as the 2600 or NES? No way. But I can't overlook it's value to me. I have more hours logged on the 360 than I do all other systems combined. Odds are I wouldn't be on this site if it wasn't for the 360. For that alone, I'm grateful.

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