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Tomy Atomic Arcade Pinball


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As chat regulars know, I bought a boxed Tomy Atomic Arcade Pinball several weeks ago, but was disappointed to find it didn't work upon arrival.  It had really bad battery corrosion.  If you look closely at the inside box picture, you'll see even the box got corroded!


I took some time to clean it up this week.  Initially, I used a baking soda/water mix and toothbrush to get the corrosion off the battery leads.  That didn't work, so I upped the ante to a baking soda/vinegar/water mix.  Also no success.  Finally, I escalated to the car battery cleaner (see picture).  Very carefully, and only using a little, I was able to get a lot of the corrosion off. 


It now WORKS!  I'm so happy.  It's really a lot of fun, and there is a lot of action off the bumpers. 


The other issue I have with this item is that there is one "foot" missing.  I think I can manufacture another out of wood using the one I have as a template. 


If there's any interest, I could put together a video of the game in action. 


If there are any pinball fans out there, I highly recommend picking one of these toys up.  They are pretty inexpensive ($25 - $35 shipped), and a ton of fun.



On the workbench.  It's alive!



Box cover.



Came with the instruction sheet too.  But look at that corrosion on the box!  Always pull the batteries out of your toys before storage, kids!



The nuclear option for battery corrosion.

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I still got mine from BITD ... it was in the attic of the house I grew up in all these years \o/ box & instructions are l-o-n-g gone though


mine is missing both the original back legs & the battery cover , I snipped a battery cover out of a DVD case & back legs I got from another newer model pin .... 


yeah the thing is pretty neat & loud, has a good feel to it 


thanks for teh tip on the canned battery cleaner stuff  :thumb: usually straight white vineger & baking soda works for me ( chemical scrubbing) but I also resorted to using a wire wheel on a dremel 

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