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Robbo 5200 [work in progress]

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This looks promising, but I'd suggest a gameplay video showing someone successfully playing the game.  It's really hard to tell what's going on when the robot just moves in a pattern over and over. 


I think you've got something special going.

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I am still working :) i will post game play video and demo game image when all features will be done.

The game is my contribution to QB party 2016 - starting next week.


still there are few bugs in game logic routine - up-down bat doesn't move as should to move.

language picker is a piece of cake - i have now 4 language versions (polish, hungarian, english and german) maybe I put russian when i will have time for it.


i wanted only to show that it works :)

I fitted full 64kB XL/XE RAM code + 16kB of extra features in 32kB 5200 ROM image :P still 8kB free space left.


The source code will be used next for build Atari 7800 version :)

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If somebody like to try the game, here it is.


It is not a final version, but is possible to play on real hw and emulators


Final version will be available when I finish 7800 version



known bugs:

- self destruction doesn't work on real hardware, in emulator START button

- some glitches happend in sfx engine


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