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Handheld NES Kickstarter


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I don't know, screen size 3.5" UGH. At least they got a real prototype though. You can emulate NES on just about anything now. OK I KNOW but it plays original carts, there have already been a few NES / Famicom handhelds not sure there really needs to be yet another but I guess fans will decide. 

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Currently 3 things give me pause about this:


1) The general amount of KS projects that haven't delivered

2) The fact that these guys don't seem to have any experience in hardware

3) The fact that Nintendo could easily send them a cease and desist letter concerning the rip off Game Boy design


So in the end I could see this being halted by Nintendo or the developers coming back saying that it's going to cost more than they anticipated or that they've encountered unforeseen problems leaving backers in a very long wait for the product.

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