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Atari ST - Rise of the Demoscene on KS!

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For those of you who love the Atari ST and Demoscene stuff, this book is now on kickstarter and I'm proud to be backing it! Truly love this stuff and always have enjoyed the countless demos encountered over the years.




Will make a great addition to the Art of Atari, Business is Fun and Business is War books (when they come out) =D

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Many thanks pal for the mention, I'm only playing a very small part in this, just done a few book page renders for it and gave or tried to give some sound advice to Marco for it, I will say this, it's one of those books that doesn't come along to often, sure we all have the ones with 2 page spreads of screenshots, but this is so much more, the design and flair of it and better still the book binding is going to be second to none, it's like Thalion themselves finesse this, is how good Marco and the team have presented it, it's going to be very unquie"


So if your deciding to treat yourself to something really special and you love the ST, then this is highly recommended, you won't be sorry, from what I've seen, it's something ST spectacular!!


Thanks for the support so far, it's truly appreciated folks.



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Thanks for that, I have no control over the content, this is completely down to Marco the author, the minimalism is purely a design of light on the eyes imagery accompanied with informative text, I myself am a whore for over doing it on the visuals with my stuff, but this is been done by a German designer, so I suspect they love things to be tight and clean, so I suspect it will be like this thought out the book, which is accessionally a bad thing, it should fit the flow of the book very well.


As regards the Irish Atari scene, hmm..I mainly remember it to be a great period of discovery of software, friendship and computer enlightenment, these were times which I'm sure many here can relate that had all of us in a specialist subject with very little people knowing what it was all about. There was a great Atari Club scene, from which all walks of life attended, those elite to the walk in of the street, nobody held any bias or meanness towards the skill sets. But for me to talk about my time with Atari would take a lot of back tripping and pulling stories together to give it in full, but I can say this I left the Atari 8-bit with over 2,000 programs lol and was at ground zero when Happy Drives and U.S.Doublers arrived, so I've lived the Atari dream lol. But thank you for your interest, I'll do it one day.

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Hi guys,


this is Marco Breddin, the writer of the Atari ST Anthology. Last 5 days of the campaign. I have overworked the page and added a new bundle called "The Undead Factory-Book-Bundle". It contains a huge Demoscene Poster with hundreds of Logo art (160*90cm) designed by a french graphic designer, who has also a scene past.


You are invited to visit us again on http://kck.st/21I7feE


If you have questions I'll happily answer them.




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Hi Lost Dragon,

where do you fly today? ;-)


I am afraid you cannot help me if you do not support the project on Kickstarter. The successful funding is the only way the book will come to live. Btw Kickstarter does not allow payment through Paypal, you need a credit-card instead.


If you don't have a credit card, you can ask a friend and make the deal with him. ;-)

It won't make any sense to give me money, because I myself have to ask another friend of mine to take it then... that turns out to be complicated and you need a lot of trust to do that. I won't do it, by the way. 


If it fails, I will restart the project on a lower level, but I don't want to go into detail here. I must see the sum at the end, that's what count to estimate what can be done to realize this dream-project of mine.



Retro-Regards and thanks for your openness,


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And is now successfully funded!!! This book is quite important as it details how the Atari ST demo scene turned demo makers and cracking teams in fully fledged game Devs, Their games may not of been amazing wonders to some, but they did push the hardware to what ST was capable off at the time and will include brand new insights and hopefully great information that hasn't been tapped upon before.


So while it has been now funded, they are looking into stretch goals and has still 11 days to go before the campaign ends, so it's great to announce that the book is happening and is your chance to get a hold of this first book on the Atari ST.

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