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...unfortunately this group was an 80's group.  I would have had this group's posters hanging on my bedroom wall if I would have known about them then.  I like the energy and creative style they put in this song...and I've been researching the band a LOT lately.  This one I consider my favorite track from them.  If only I could get this on vinyl.



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I wish more bands, regardless of nationality, were more like this today.  It's more about screaming and money than pouring your heart and soul into the music...or so it seems.  I have to give these women credit where credit is due.  They really ROCK!!  My only wish is that would have done an American version of their music.  I think they would have done well in the States against Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Bangles, and other all-female rock groups.  We could have used their style of music.

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