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Hi, rad Atari-loving folks!

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It's really nice to find this place. Found it via The No Swear Gamer's YT channel yesterday, and it seems like a nice community. I'm also a member of Nintendo Age and Atari Age, so if you frequent those forums, you may have seen me (unlikely for the latter, as I don't post much on AA). 


I collect for a variety of consoles, classic and newer ones, too. My Atari-related collection is small, but growing. I only recently (in the last six months or so) caught the bug for Atari, but it's strong. I love arcade gaming and ports, so the company has what I crave, for sure. The only system/computer I have currently is the XEGS (which I love!), along with a handful of games and a multicart. But I have a 7800 on the way, as of this week, and once I get it modded, I plan to spend quite a bit of time with it, as well. 


Looking forward to discussing, trading, and buying games here, Have a stellar day, people!

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Thanks for the hearty welcome, peeps! Just to respond a bit: 


The XEGS is definitely a great system. I've been really pleased with it. I'm really looking forward to picking up one of those SD flash carts whenever someone decides to produce more. For now, the Atarimax with some preloaded games + my 5-6 carts will do, though. I'm looking forward to slowly adding more carts or CIBs to the collection. Have to pace myself unless I hit the lotto. 


And I'd love to get an Intellivision sometime; consoles have become my main focus collection-wise. It's a little lower on the priority totem pole for me, though. After Colecovision, SMS, a 2600 Junior, etc. ;)

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SIO2PC is another good choice for that XEGS.  It's pretty inexpensive (I just saw one for about $40 on ebay), and can play anything.  You just need an old PC to act as a file server for the Atari.


I've looked at that. Real talk. I feel like a technological idiot most of the time (I had someone program the Atarimax for me, urgh), which has kept me from pursuing that option. I should go for it, though; you make it seem a lot more attainable. Thanks!



Welcome L&C! Glad I could help you find this great community!


The XEGS is high on my wish list of systems I would like to get, but I have plenty to review in the meantime. My poor 3DO & Jaguar have been collecting dust lately! :unsure:


Hey, thanks! And thanks for all the content. I think you do a great job with your reviews, and I started your 7800 Game by Game podcast today. I've never even seen a 3DO or Jaguar in person. Someday. I'd definitely love to snag a Jag at some point. 

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