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Complete Collections?


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Hey peeps, I'm just curious if anyone on here has a complete 7800 game collection? I was poking around on Wikipedia, just browsing through the games listed there, and it definitely seems like a fairly manageable set to go after, if the numbers listed there are accurate (~86, including newer homebrews). I'm wondering, too, if there's any debate on the list found there; I know Wikipedia isn't always a paragon of accuracy. 


Even if you aren't finished, are you trying to complete this set? Any obstacles to note? 


I know there is/are dedicated show-off thread(s), but I'd also love to see your 7800 collections if you feel like sharing pics. :)





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I have a complete set of the US released games (plus Sentinel), all CIB. Except Tank Command. SCREW YOU TANK COMMAND.


In the 90s, I got a lot of new/complete games from O'Shea's and a guy on Usenet called Nibbler. They were 80 cents and 2 dollars respectively. I found Tank Command and Water Ski loose here in DE, and later got a sealed Water Ski from eBay after a warehouse discovery or something. The last game I needed was Mean 18, which I think I paid 35 for in the early aughts.


I am on the record saying I am going to start selling games off, but I haven't done that yet. I would also like to get some homebrews, of which I have none, and I hear I am missing out.


I don't think there are as many 7800 games as 5200 games, and there aren't too many 7800 games which are that cost prohibitive. I know loose Tank Commands rarely go for less that 100 dollars, but there are quite a few games that are creeping up in price, which I learned from listening to Phil's awesome podcast.


EDIT: forgot pictures.



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Collection envyyyyy.  :thumb:


Yeah, there's 59 licensed 7800 titles, and 69* licensed 5200 titles, so complete collections for both are relatively attainable.  Bounty Bob Strikes Back is the one "grail" title in the Atari 5200 library; loose copies routinely sell for $300+.


I'm now two games away from a complete 5200 collection, and just getting started with the 7800 thanks to an awesome trade from nosweargamer.


*70 if counting Tempest, which was nearly complete and slated for release back-in-the-day, then finished in 2013 by the original programmer, Keithen Hayenga.

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Whoa, thanks for sharing, ferg (sorry for the shortening)! Amazing collection and the info is appreciated, too. 


Thanks to everyone else, too. Man, Ballblazer, I didn't know the 5200 library was so small. $300 isn't anything to sneeze at, but I'm so used to Nintendo and Sega prices that it doesn't seem so bad, ha. I don't mind spending that much on a single game if it's to complete a set and is the only super expensive (a relative term, I guess) game. First thing's first with the 7800, though; is there anything similarly high in price these days? Ferg alreadly mentioned Tank Command. I'm not really particular, thankfully, so I don't mind if I can't get everything boxed. I might get a lot of things boxed, though, since the costs generally aren't too bad and new/CIB seem abundant. 

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