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The Atari.io collective 2600 joystick collection

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Technically, just like most Sega Genesis controllers, this works with 2600, albeit only the B button. But, you can assign it different turbo speeds, switch the joystick mode between 4 way & 8 way, and I believe the joystick itself uses micro-switches, making this a pretty cool 2600 option. 



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I showed these off back in my pickups vid from a few months ago, but here are some photos to add to the mix. 

Quest Industries Inc.'s Questar II -- a high quality 8-way leaf-switch joystick with arcade styling, a metallic base, and dual buttons for ambidextrous use.




TG Products' EnjoyStick -- fits in the palm of your hand, has a self-centering stick similar to a Vectrex joystick, and the top black piece is reversible, allowing placement of the button on either side.




I still need to take some good photos of the Fire Command II...

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"Super Champ" joystick.  The cord winds up into the base by spinning the stick. 


This joystick works really nicely.  Very responsive, and fits the hand well.  It also has suction cups on the bottom.  But those are more annoying than useful IMO. 


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A couple more....

  • Wico Boss - It's mostly "meh" to me.  Not great, not bad.  Definitely does not live up to the Wico reputation.  The handle spins, which I don't care for.
  • Epyx 500XJ - Ergonomic, but only fits the left hand.  The stick is great.  The button is fine, but not for fast fire games like Asteroids.  Too hard to press quickly.
  • Prostick 2 - Fantastic stick.  Works really well.  The button is right above the wire, and it works very nicely there (surprisingly).  This stick rocks.
  • Commodore stick - Terrible!  Very unresponsive.  Feels very much like a TI 99/4A joystick -- like it is going to break apart in your hands at any moment.


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In addition to the standard CX-40 and PainLine controllers, I have...


This weird one, which I acquired recently in an eBay auction. The raised text around the stick says NEWPORT CONTROLLERS on the top and BISHOP, CA  PATENT PENDING on the bottom. It's a plain-yet-weird looking controller, but it works amazingly well:



Also from the same auction is this thing I've never seen: the BC Blaster from B.C. Systems in Melrose, Massachusetts. The stuff I got in the auction was packed very poorly and the fire button broke off, but this morning I glued it back on with Gorilla Glue (and obviously I didn't glue it perfectly evenly!) and it's holding on VERY well. (Those of you who listen to either of my podcasts -- this is what I was talking about.) It's a very light controller -- the bulky fake wood box is virtually empty. Played it on both 2600 Asteroids and 7800 Asteroids DeLuxe to great success!



And this is my UberArcade joystick made specifically for the 7800, but of course it works in anything that takes a 9-pin joystick. It's a fantastic 8-way joystick, but it's very frustrating on 4-way games -- very sensitive:



Aaaaaaand, of course, the one I seemingly never shut up about: the Edladdin All-Play 4/8 Supreme 78. Lift up the panel and there's a ring you turn to alternate between 8-way and 4-way:


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Here's a very weird one.  Someone has modified an Odyssey 2 joystick for use on a 2600. 


While it's kind of a cool project...the joystick is TERRIBLE compared to your run-of-the-mill 2600 stick.  It's very loose, and playing a twitch game like Asteroids does not work well at all. 


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