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Nintendo music reimagined on Sega Genesis


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The Genesis sound chip was incredible to say the least.  Yamaha made a decent sound chip for Sega to use in the Genesis hardware for sure.  Some of the games I think had outstanding music on the Genny are:  


Streets of Rage 2


Sonic The Hedgehog



Phantasy Star III (My favorite RPG of all time)



I have other favorites on Genesis, too but these are the ones I can remember most off the top of my head.  Oh...Thunder Force II has some good music, too.

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I forgot to mention that I had the Model 1 Genesis.  And, to be perfectly honest, that model had a huge advantage over the Model 2 and 3 Gennys.  It had a headphone jack.  Allow me to place this in perspective.  


At 16 years old I did have my own TV in my room because Mom wanted her TV back.  I will admit that I would play games for hours and she wouldn't get to watch her shows much.  My bad.  We didn't have any stereo-equipped TV sets in the house.  So being able to play a game in stereo sound using audio gear I already owned was a plus.  I don't know how many times I would just plug in headphones (I used Koss at the time, they were grey earbuds) and either jam to the music by way of sound tests or while playing the games.  I couldn't do that with a SuperNES as easily.  That is why the model 1 Genesis is my favorite of all three models.  That and besides it looks the best to me.  The Genesis was more feature rich in my book until they redesigned it.

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I LOVE that Sonic soundtrack.


I remember weekend visits to my grandmothers house.  She was mostly blind, could see color blurs as she called them but nothing in any great detail.  I brought Sonic over after I got the system and that game and Granny loved that game.  She would start humming along with the songs while I played.  It was good times for sure and I only wish I could relive them again.

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Nice to see the FM chip getting some love.


Far too often it's mocked and whilst the SNES chip was clearly superior (but newer), in the right hands the FM chip could deliver the goods...


revenge Of Shinobi, Ecco,Gauntlet 4,SOR 1+2, Gods level 1 a few of my favourite.


Loving the Super Metroid music here.


Thanks for sharing :-)



I agree with you there. I feel the FM chip doesn't get the respect it deserves because the majority of "gaming historians" on sites like Youtube happen to be Nintendo biased.  Sega's little 16bit powerhouse is best for heavy metal and horror sounds, at least in this guy's opinion :)






Bio-Hazard Battle's theme still gives me chills after all these years.....




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