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Woo Hoo SWEET. I often post pics of my desktop as you guys know and still was rocking a 5:4 aspect ratio on my workhorse

SAMSUNG 931c 19' (1280 x 1024 native res) which I recapped a few years ago and has been going strong since. So I never really had the incentive (IE: I AM TOO BROKE AND TOO CHEAP ^_^ ) to upgrade to a widescreen. HOWEVER low and behold if I didn't find this little gem sitting in the electronics recycling bin, a LG Flatron Monitor W2053TQ 20' Widescreen (16:9 - 1600 x 900) this is definitely an upgrade for the awesome price of absolutely nothing. :spot:


I was happy with the old SAMSUNG since 90% of my use is online and movies play on our 2nd monitor (our old TV) and even most of my gaming is emulation and older games BUT THAT SAID I always knew when the SAMSUNG finally died obviously the replacement would be widescreen I just did not expect to luck out and find one for free. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY, I have joined the WIDESCREEN COMPUTING WORLD lol.


So from now on seems when I post a Desktop grab it will be in glorious WIDESCREEN!  :thumb:


To say I am very happy with this find is a massive understatement! I really was missing something not having a widescreen PC monitor! After finally experience a widescreen desktop I would hate to go back to the old non wide mode. Mind you a am certainly keeping the old SAMSUNG with great color gamut I hope to re-purpose it for more "retro" uses!  B)


Say hello to my new friend and daily driver  - 




In celebration here is my first desktop to take advantage of the resolution / aspect ratio. 



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And I just want to say...getting a monitor at thrift stores has always worked well for me.  It's amazing how much money you can save that way.  Just look for something that is clean and scratch-free, and whose menu comes up and looks good when you plug it in and it's usually good.  You can usually verify that the resolution is high enough by looking up the model on your phone. 


Of course yours was even better -- free!  I love it. 

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