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NSG's Plug n Play Reviews

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target audience ? I suppose you hadn't heard of "Bronies" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2446192/


the movie was actually a good watch ;)


I had never heard of the PnP there and yet another good reveiw


Thanks! Lol. yeah I have, but I was talking more the very young kid audience.

I didn't see the movie (my wife took our girls), but I have seen a couple eps of the show that my girls were watching. And thanks to my girls, I know way too many MLP names!

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The pinball table looks surprisingly good. I love these plug and play videos since I generally wouldn't personally pick these up so their fun to see. I think the only P&P I own is the Space Invaders that some have used for 7800 controllers. It's got Qix and Phoenix which are arcade favorites of mine.

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