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So it's 1989 and Atari just insulted your child

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So it's 1989. Nintendo was absolutely dominating the market.  Sega had some hits on the Master System and was now introducing Genesis. So what does Atari do? While "Nintendo Power" was striding into its golden era, Atari was placing "How To Beat Jungle Hunt" (a game from 1983) as their cover story, and insulting children with horrible responses like this one:


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sure its not written by Ray Kassar and his "high-strung prima donnas" attitude???

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That's not even the worse one!

This is from the same page of the same issue of Atarian Magazine:

Poor Lee!




Waterford is the next town over from me! I might have to track this guy down & get a response.  ;)


And to Ferg's point, I don't recall ever calling them tapes. That was for VHS or cassettes. To me, video games were always cartridges until I had a Dreamcast & then they just became "games".

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