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Today's finds


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Had an awesome pickup day today all at one store that I only find one or 2 things at.  

Happy Trails, Atlantis, Utopia and Horse racing (boxed) for the intellivision.

Wizard of war for the c64.

Gunslinger (boxed), Hangman, Frogger II, Basic Math, Basic Programming for the 2600

UFO! for the odyssey2

Defender and Jukebox??? for the Colecovision

Hogans Alley for nes

So psyched, plus I got lots of tools at the tool store and some records at the record store, good man shopping day.


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Nice haul indeed.  I don't suppose that Gunslinger is a pic label...


Frogger II -- great find.  Still looking for one myself!

No picture


wow good haul :o


#61 Basic Math ? ... is there an end label on there? (it is the gatefold varient ;)  )

just the plain old blue and silver end label.

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