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"Full" Atari Video Game t-shirts

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Thanks for the interest guys, here are some of the thing I set out to do between 2008 and 2011, I think, so I hope you enjoy the tshirt fan art.













Since these I've created many more as these are quite old now and have evolved to a much better presentation and design astatic to what has been presented here by miles, I might dig out some more recent tshirt concepts, unfortunately none of these can be purchased from any store or site, as these where designs I created for myself in getting them printed , I think out of them , I've gotten 5 of them as tshirts


Thanks guys.

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Cheers fella, I always feel that if making these that I represent some of my most favour games or characters from them, if that's the case then the Atari back catalogue will see me creating a vast amount of T-shirts solely based on them bounty Bob being one of many..


What characters from the golden age of Atari or 3rd party games are your favourites ? Or platform where your heroes live?

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One thing I'd love to see in this t-shirt area is more subtlety.  A polo with a tiny Pac Man or Atari symbol on the breast, for example. 


I really like stuff that employs the really old box art, or arcade cabinet artwork.  Your question about favorite characters is really tough, because real clear characterization didn't come around until Nintendo came along.  That being said, a shirt with the various incarnations of Mario and Donkey Kong side by side would be kind of neat. 

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