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Interest Check - AV Modded 2600


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Work/school/life have kept me away from the forum for a minute. I have a few days coming up and plan on modding a few 2600s with A/V out and optional LED. Any units will be cleaned inside and out, with 7805 5v regulator and .1uf cap replaced, switches cleaned and greased, and play tested for a minimum of 1hr. The LED modded units will look like my personal Sears 4-switch, pictured.

$90 shipped for a 4-switch Vader
$95 shipped for a 4-switch Woody

These will be core units with no controllers or A/V cables. Optional adds:

LED power light - Free (yellow, red or green 5mm in chrome bezel)
Paddle controllers, cleaned & tested - $10/pr.
CX-40, cleaned & tested - $8/ea.
Wico Bat (boxed), cleaned & tested - $17/ea.
Composite cable, 6', New - $5/ea.

Power Supply, 6', New - $8/ea

Please respond here or PM me if interested. Also, I'm open for trades so please check out my want list. PayPal only, no payment until I have your unit ready to ship.


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Would you take a working woody in nice shape as partial payment? Or perform the upgrades on a provided woody?

I can't bring in another without getting rid of one :). Wife says so!

Yeah, I can do that. $50 shipped back to you. Although, it doesn't help me with my wife. I'll still have a spare! :)
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These aren't ready just yet.  Work got crazy the last month and now I'm back in school.  I was talking to my friend this morning who does production quality graphics design work as a part of his day job about doing die cut Kee Games prototype bezel decals - but for both four and six switch consoles (I know the proto was a light sixer). There's another - top secret - idea we're kicking around for a modded console based on a classic Atari design.  Do you think there would be any interest in small run of A/V modded custom jobs?

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