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What kind of games do you really want?

Clint Thompson

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While I have my own list and have been toying with the idea of recruiting a small team of talented coders, artists and musicians to license and develop some games that I would personally love to see modernized - fresh, new titles seem to be the real way to go.


So many great companies or small development teams stay extremely limited at just one or two people with limited resources or the teams expand and then get bought out only to be killed off after the new owners milk whatever franchise they purchased it for to death, then discarding the crew and remainders of the business like a pile of dead carcasses. It's concerning to see so many extremely talented people leeched of their hard work and efforts only to be kicked to the side and treated poorly.


The idea with the software side of things is to create modernized versions of games that are long overdue for an update while properly compensating the entire team involved while ensuring they have continued years to work without worry of being tossed on their asses after making said company a boat load of money, and serving as a small incubator in the sense that new games and fresh ideas can be experimented with and brought to life internally. Which brings us to the main topic of discussion:


What kind of games do you really want to play?

Modernized updates to classics?

Fresh new titles?

A mixture of both?

Any specific titles you would like to see updated?


So many games these days are expected to be extremely low cost, next to nothing, ad-based or free, which also presents a new set of challenges in itself. That being said, the games would most likely be under the $25 mark for sure.


Would love to hear any and all feedback on what you guys want at the end of the day. What would actually make you want to support not only the company setting up the foundation to create said games but also knowing that by supporting, the teams hard work and efforts are guaranteed to be compensated far beyond the industry standard.

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Most of my modern gaming is done on PC these days.  It keeps me from worrying about which consoles to buy and keeping them current, and I generally like what PC games offer these days. 
Here's what I'd like to see for PC:
A GOOD western themed MMO.   The MMO genre has gone cold in the last few years with very few (if any) noteworthy titles.  Most of the current ones are fantasy themed, heavily Asian influenced, and honestly repetitive.   As a guy who spent MANY hours on Everquest, I'd like to see something rekindle that magic again.   Western themed.  That would be awesome.   Or perhaps a MMO based on my next thing I'd like to see...
More TRON games.   C'mon this is a no brainer.   The only recent Tron game is a silly runner game that is a complete waste of the IP.   Give me a TRON themed MMO, or even a good multi-player FPS.   Heck even a single player TRON game in a open-grid(world), Skyrim type game would be fantastic.   Tron 2.0 was great, but was limited to a progressing story line.  You could do so much more with today's computers.
I would like to see more use of sandbox, server based multi-player games, and this is actually happening.  Minecraft opened up a whole new genre of voxel based, open world, sandbox, multiplayer possibilities.   I love games with a good sandbox because it means unlimited replayability. 

In Retro, I think the homebrew market is healthy.  My biggest wish in my retro gaming world is for someone to bring back the Intellivision CuttleCart.   

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Thanks Rows! You're spot on about Tron and it's something easily forgotten about, no thanks to who owns it though. The more recently released Tron game seemed very generic but was 'ok' kind of as you mentioned. You're right though, it does deserve solid attention but the problem with that in itself is I'm almost certain is the licensing costs would be astronomical. Then again, it's been sitting and collecting dust. I can't imagine it hurting in just finding out and negotiation something. Would be something you put all your best resources into.

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