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X2 Old Bubble Bobble & Space Invaders + A Tetris Discovered!


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Plus 30 odd more previously unseen/nndocumented Taito game console titles!


Taito's X-55 and M-88 consoles are silly obscure Japan only multimedia on-line consoles, the follow-ups to the launched but not released Taito WOWOW console.

For the first time ever on the Internet, in any language, JAPJAC presents:

JAPJAC's Taito's On-line Consoles Trio pt.2/3 (FIRST ON YT) Vid:


Taito's On-line Consoles Trio-Definitive Resource by JAPJAC:

http://japjac.proboards.com/thread/394/ ... rio-japjac
(Currently undergoing maintenance-back soon!) 
Game MEGATONS include:

X2 Previously unknown and unseen installments of the Bubble Bobble franchise:

Bubble Bobble Anniversary

Bubble Bobble Drunk Again

Another tasty looking original Taito Single Screen Platformer:

Crescent Tale

A previously unseen installment of Tetris:

Tetris Box

X2 Previously unknown and unseen installments of the Space Invaders franchise:

Space Invaders 1995

Space Invaders 1955

And many more (listed in JAPJAC's videos' descriptions and blog).

SW Tokyo/Pondtail Fleet.

Further viewing:

JAPJAC's Taito's On-line Consoles Trio pt.1/3 (FIRST ON YT) Vid:


JAPJAC's Taito's On-line Consoles Trio pt.3/3 (FIRST ON YT) Vid:

Coming soon to subscribers.


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