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Hardware Shenanigans


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Not sure if this should be in the hardware section or the homebrew section but...
This is a thread for all of the mad scientists out there who like to tinker, build, invent, repair and modify and goof off with what they make :)


In my post, I've been working on improving the LimaTek's audio and controller interrupts so I decided to create a goofy firmware that just spits out "8-bit audio... 8-bit audio..." with the controller determining the pitch of the audio.  So I just wanted to do something weird with it!


Here it is:


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the console you made looks really nice & the controller housing as well ... 


perhaps brass knob / button combo & cloth covered cable


the audio sounds fun to play with ... so mebbe some sort of cyberpunk / steam-punk console 


11036_1000x1000.jpgthe Atari Stunt cycle (Sears Motocross) game used the pitch of the engine sound to determine speed for making the jumps


(not my video)
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