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Tomy Tronic 3D


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Lost Dragon mentioned these in another thread.  I'd never heard of them.  Well, I had to get one, and I just did from eBay.  Tomy Tronic 3D - Thundering Turbo.  It is AWESOME.


It's a pretty simple game.  There are three lanes, and you simply move your car from side to side to avoid other cars.  There are buttons for left and right, and one for the gas pedal. 


The "graphics" are pretty good.  Plenty of colors and even a background that kind of reminds me of arcade Asteroids Deluxe.  Almost holographic.  3D effect is pretty minimal, but there's no eye strain.  Very fun!  You need to play the game under a bright light or outside in the sunshine.  But given proper lighting, it really looks great. 


They made several different games, and I'll be keeping my eye out for the others....



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