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[Looking for a Game Dev] [Port Idea] "Adventure Portable"


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Hello! I'm here to post about a potential game idea.

A port of the classic "Adventure" game from Atari 2600. Called "Adventure Portable". I noticed there was no ports of this game for GBA, so this is why I post the idea.

A MOCKUP potential Title Screen and Skill Select Screen I made:


Using the font style of the Sears Tele-Games label version.

"Start Game" would bring you to a menu-type skill select screen (mockup seen above).

"Read Manual" would bring you to a text-only version of how to play the game.

"Credits" would bring you to the Copyright stuff.

I don't know anything about programming on GBA(I do know HTML) or developing but I know some graphic design stuff, as you saw in the title screen mockup.

I also don't know if there is an easy way to convert an Atari ROM into a GBA game, but I remember someone posted about a tool for it a long time ago. Can't seem to find it.

Looking for anybody who can help make this game..

Thanks for reading!

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I'm an embedded engineer, animator and game programmer.
So what is it you're trying to do exactly? Port the 2600 game Adventure to a Gameboy Advance? Any reasons why? Or is it a just-because kind of thing?
Usually before I start a software engineering endeavor I ask these questions:

1. Who's my audience?

2. What are the use cases for this?

3. Will I return profit on this?


What you have seems to be fairly niche. 


What I would do is get a bin dump of Adventure and either try:

1. porting the game if it's in assembler code (porting may be difficult)

2. Since the game is not that large, coding it from the ground up wouldn't take long at all, as long as you understand the entirety of Adventure's mechanics.


There are a few different devkits out there to develop homebrew games for the Gameboy Advance.  It would just need to involve someone who would be willing to spend the time/money on investing in a software engineer, or someone who would be willing to do it for free...

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