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Does anyone remember -- The demise of "Electronic Games" magazine

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EG -- probably my all-time favorite magazine as a kid.  I was a subscriber, and read each issue cover to cover over and over.  Anyone else love this magazine as much as I did?  Great place to read game reviews, learn about upcoming releases, and get gaming tips.  I was hooked from the very first issue -- when I spotted a hint about the Easter Egg in Adventure. 


The one thing that has always bothered me the way the mag run ended.  The Feb '85 issue was the last for the original editing crew -- Bill Kunkel, Joyce Worley, and Arnie Katz.  The March issue came with a completely new staff and format -- no explanation, no goodbye.  Nothing.  And the new format was just not the same.  After a few issues, they even switched the name of the magazine to "Computer Entertainment".  I let my subscription lapse.  The thing is...I loved computer games at that point, but the new format was no fun.  Too slick.  Too corporate.  Just not the same vibe. 


Another victim of the great crash.  I guess we were lucky the magazine lasted as long as it did. 


The archive of magazines live here:  http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/electronic_games/electronic_games.htm


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I do remember how the magazine just fizzed out, seemingly in sync with the downfall of my fave early consoles.

As you say, Rick, the name change, the new look, the switch to glossy, bland computer title coverage - none of that appealed to me, or seemed to be targeting our type of home console niche (becoming 'niche-er' day-by-day at that point).


Yeah, Nintendo took over the home TV playground, while arcades dried out and PCs took a few years to up-convert to the new standard.


But the Electronic Games mag's era was like a portal to my mindset, as it created a community to share strategies, scores, appreciation, discovery and  - by gosh - just dwell on the pleasures of living that electronic dream, as represented by some great art and nifty chat about all the things I loved that carried the Atari label.


There were a few mags that shared the road (Joystick comes to mind, with its garish neon explosions of strategy over odd full-page sparse, but accurate, artwork.

Marvel came up with a short-lived comic format thing that did nothing for me (although I missed the Microsurgeon issue - dat cover!),


But EG was tops!

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EG was required reading. And we had plenty of time to do that. In between turns in games like Video Pinball, or games where the second player would wait and wait and wait. While waiting we'd always read something from the stack of EG.


I don't directly recall the demise, couldn't say what issue, but all of a sudden the content didn't resonate with us anymore. And we stopped subscribing or buying.

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