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Download complete ROM archives sets for various retro platforms

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Beats picking and choosing on a rom per rom basis. Complete zipped sets for all your favorite classic consoles & computers.


From archive.org







Atari - 5200.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:29 1.0M
Atari - 7800.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:29 3.5M
Atari - Jaguar.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:31 112.0M
Atari - Lynx.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:32 10.9M
Atari - ST.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:34 105.4M
Bandai - WonderSwan Color.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:37 151.9M
Bandai - WonderSwan.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:39 93.7M
Casio - Loopy.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:40 8.7M
Casio - PV-1000.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:40 35.6K
Coleco - ColecoVision.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:40 1.9M
Commodore - 64 (PP).zip 21-Jan-2016 05:44 226.1M
Commodore - 64 (Tapes).zip 21-Jan-2016 05:46 103.7M
Commodore - 64.zip 21-Jan-2016 05:47 6.7M
Commodore - Amiga.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:48 3.0G
Commodore - Plus-4.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:48 484.2K
Commodore - VIC-20.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:48 1.7M
Emerson - Arcadia 2001.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:48 187.1K
Entex - Adventure Vision.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:48 14.6K
Epoch - Super Cassette Vision.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:48 443.0K
Fairchild - Channel F.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:49 75.9K
Funtech - Super Acan.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:49 8.9M
GCE - Vectrex.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:53 222.1K
GamePark - GP32.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:53 202.3M
Hartung - Game Master.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:53 91.8K
Leapfrog - Leapster Learning Game System.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:57 164.3M
Magnavox - Odyssey2.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:57 401.7K
Microsoft - MSX 2.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:58 21.7M
Microsoft - MSX.zip 21-Jan-2016 06:58 20.4M
NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16.zip 21-Jan-2016 07:01 91.4M
NEC - Super Grafx.zip 21-Jan-2016 07:01 2.4M
Nintendo - Famicom Disk System.zip 21-Jan-2016 07:01 12.5M
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards).zip 21-Jan-2016 07:01 11.9M
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance.zip 21-Jan-2016 12:00 12.3G
Nintendo - Game Boy Color.zip 21-Jan-2016 12:15 655.9M
Nintendo - Game Boy.zip 21-Jan-2016 12:20 187.0M
Nintendo - Nintendo 64.zip 21-Jan-2016 16:22 11.6G
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System.zip 21-Jan-2016 16:29 274.9M
Nintendo - Pokemon Mini.zip 21-Jan-2016 16:29 5.8M
Nintendo - Satellaview.zip 21-Jan-2016 16:31 91.0M
Nintendo - Sufami Turbo.zip 21-Jan-2016 16:31 4.4M
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System.zip 21-Jan-2016 17:45 2.9G
Nintendo - Virtual Boy.zip 21-Jan-2016 17:45 11.2M
No-Intro-Collection_2016-01-03_Fixed_archive.torrent 21-Jan-2016 12:20 185.6K
No-Intro-Collection_2016-01-03_Fixed_files.xml 29-Jun-2016 20:09 17.6K
No-Intro-Collection_2016-01-03_Fixed_meta.sqlite 21-Jan-2016 20:09 199.0K
No-Intro-Collection_2016-01-03_Fixed_meta.xml 22-Jan-2016 00:05 1.9K
No-Intro-Collection_2016-01-03_Fixed_reviews.xml 29-Jun-2016 20:09 1.0K
Nokia - N-Gage.zip 21-Jan-2016 18:28 2.1G
Philips - Videopac+.zip 21-Jan-2016 18:28 168.9K
RCA - Studio II.zip 21-Jan-2016 18:28 7.7K
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:06 60.0M
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:06 4.4M
Sega - 32X.zip 21-Jan-2016 18:30 89.5M
Sega - Game Gear.zip 21-Jan-2016 18:32 83.4M
Sega - Master System - Mark III.zip 21-Jan-2016 18:33 62.5M
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:00 1.1G
Sega - PICO.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:04 239.2M
Sega - SG-1000.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:04 2.9M
Sinclair - ZX Spectrum +3.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:05 7.4M
Tiger - Game.com.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:06 8.6M
VTech - CreatiVision.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:06 109.0K
VTech - V.Smile.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:13 320.2M
Watara - Supervision.zip 21-Jan-2016 19:13 1.3M

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Awesome!   Are they all in standard ROM formats?

Obviously I've not checked them all but I would assume each are in the typical ROM format for each platform, don't see why they would not be. 

Though once you UNzip you still may have to UNzip the contents of the folder (unless the emulaotr you are using supports Zipped roms, some do) 

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Does MESS have an intuitive interface or might there be a good front end? Oddly I've not messed around with it much except briefly long ago, was not the best experience. 

Yes.  Just search for "MESSUI".  I use MESSUI64, but there is also a 32 bit version. 

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The only tricky part is putting the BIOS files for each system in the right place.  Maybe there is a BIOS collection in that archive that you can just unzip the to the right place.

Cool, yeah I pretty much have BIOS files for most platforms I have collected over the years. I am pretty good with most emulators including those that require BIOS I just have somehow avoided MESS mostly up to now. 

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I wish there were ROM sets for MAME - I'm still downloading them individually. 

Most people seem to like a fairly modern MAME set so the archives are massive to include the ROMS / Artwork / CHD files etc. So they tend to be distributed through FTP sources or even compiled on DVD sets or even external HDD offered through ROM BURNER distributors like Lazurus or ROMCOLLECTOR etc. 






Otherwise it's Torrent sites like PLeasureDome: 



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