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Replacing the CV controller knob with a ball

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For those interested, I've replaced the nubby knob on my original Colecovision joystick with a nice quality ball knob.  Check it out.






The procedure is easy to do, and easily reversible.  Here are the left over parts:




There is some great info over on Atari Age in this post.  Although the group order is over, there are a few users over there that have leftovers and are selling them individually.  And if there is a lot of interest over here, I'm sure we could do our own group order. 



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chas10e, was it you who pointed this out to me?  I want to give credit, but don't remember who steered me towards trying this.

yeah I we were talking about it in chat here ;)


it were others in that post that knew about the original CV controller specs, I was messing around with the CV-Flashback

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How large of an order was it? or how large would it have to be for another order?

the shipping was the killer for the phelonic balls unless bought in bulk


I recall an interest list was made & order was placed based on that  a few more where purchased


there were two different thread types


he placed an order for 100 knobs :o http://atariage.com/forums/topic/235405-ball-knob-group-order/?p=3194686

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