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CV Pac Man Prototype

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I was testing my upgraded CV ball-knob joystick, when I realized there was no Pac Man for the Colecovision.  A quick internet search turned up a prototype by Atarisoft.  So I loaded the ROM onto my flash cart.  I was expecting a game that was incomplete.  What I found just about knocked my socks off,


This version of Pac Man is AWESOME.  Check out the quick-play video below (not mine).  The graphics are really good.  Best looking home version of the Pac Man character I've ever seen.  And check out the details on the ghosts.  Look at what happens when you eat a ghost....the eyes travel back to the lair, and the ghost kind of "beams" back into existence.  Beyond cool.


What the video does not show is that the intermissions are there...and once you get to level 3, the game starts FLYING.  If you think the 7800 version of Ms. Pac Man is fast, this one blows that one away speed-wise.  Again...WOW.


As far as the term "prototype" goes....I think this one was pretty much complete.  It's the most impressive game I've seen in a long time.  I absolutely love it.



Here is the download for those who want to try it:





For those who know the system better than me...what other games should I try that I may have missed?



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That's one thing that's great about console ports of classics (or any title, really) of the era - each port had its own distinct look and flavor of gaming (controller action, sfx, color palette at times).

As much as some may scoff at the original 2600 Pac-Man, its quickly-produced results was distinctly of its core programming possibilities.


Of course, as an atarian, I was proud as an NBC peacock when Ms Pac-Man redeemed the console with its more researched results.into pac-power on the VCS.

And homebrews reclaimed the similitudes of its arcade elder to an utmost level.


But it was fun scouring the EG mags and such and seeing the playfield (even if it was always a repro image) of known titles like Missile Command, Donkey Kong and such, for different consoles and computers.


This Colecovision Pacster feels right, indeed.

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