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Last remaining VCR manufacturer hitting the stop button on production


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T'was bound to happen eventually.

VHS recorders have been being manufactured since 1977 in the US.    It will be MANY eons before they are even remotely hard to find.

Pro-tip, if you ever have to start out or start over and need cheap entertainment, bring about $20 to a flea market, and you can get a VCR and a ton of movies.  

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My sister did a few VHS to DVD conversions. It was more for convenience than anything. I bought a few crts with the built in vcr, a couple years back when the base transition barracks were being remodeled. Got them $10 each and that was over 8 years ago. Those things are built like a tank.

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VCRs circa 1980 to early 1990s will outlive bluray players even after they've gone obsolete.

The difference is in the quality of the components and design.  Back in the 80's you made an investment to buy a VCR and kept it up / repaired it if needed, now bluray players are throw away items.  I already had one player gag on me.


I think the only major problem VCRs will have in the upcoming years / decades will be their plastic components which do degrade because of the grease used, but that's it, and that's IF the VCR had plastic (instead of metal) components.


I'll start stocking up on VCRs and sell them on the black market for retirement; yeah sounds like a perfect plan.... bwahaha!

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