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2016 Houston Arcade Expo, November 11&12

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I figured I would sum up a little about the expo for you guys.    First of all, we spent 22 hours behind a vendor booth this weekend and we're exhausted, but its a good tired!     We vastly underestimated how much we would sell, which is a nice problem to have.   We united a lot of people with new consoles and games.   One guy picked up a couple of NES games from us that had Funcoland sleeves I got from a trade with Mr. StormSurge...he declared this to be the highlight of his weekend based on those sleeves alone.   Another kid, maybe 7 or 8 years old found a Scholastic Book about Pokemon in our dollar bin and literally shook with excitement.   While his dad talked to us about his voracious appetite for reading (he had spent the expo reading every word on every pinball and arcade machine at the show) the kid had already devoured a good 10-15 pages.   Ah, the joys of a one dollar sale.  We also had a great Burgertime family that enjoyed some quality time on our Intellivision before her cosplay contest.   She was kind enough to pose for a picture after she won a trophy for her Peter Pepper costume.

It was a different way to enjoy the expo, as I had VERY little time to play games or go to see speakers.  All we could really do was watch people enjoy themselves, and talk about great gaming memories with our awesome customers.

Here's a quick walk through Jennifer was able to film with our booth at the very end.  Sorry about the quality, it's a phone vid.

I didn't get a big pile of neat stuff unfortunately.   There were only 3-4 of us selling retro games, and one was a guy who's shop is literally 10 minutes from my house.   Very little older stuff there, a smattering of Atari, even less Intellivision and Coleco.   As usual it was mostly NES and later stuff.    On the other end of the spectrum, I brought a LOT of Atari, INTV, Coleco, and sold relatively little of it.   

Mrs Rowsdower KILLED with her crafts this weekend!

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Other videos I found posted for this past weekend's Houston ArcadeExpo:


Houston Arcade Expo 2016 YouTube links
Darrell Spice Jr walkthru video:
Chop's Video:
BangBang video:
Eric Smith costume winners:

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