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Craigslist Finds


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Oh also i have been told the snes power brick works for this? Is this true?

Yes, but I think it needs a special little box thing for the end of the cord that fits into the battery compartment.  I think they call it a "power pack". 


That's a great find.  Virtual Boy has a terrible reputation, but I think it's a really cool system.  The 3D effect is legit.  The controller is awesome.  And the games are great. 


Mario Clash is great.  My favorite VB game is "Nestor's Funky Bowling". 

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Has anyone ever seen one of these? The guy is only about 10 min from me so might be worth it to go look at it?



I'm going to guess it's home made or custom.  It would be cool to have, as it looks nice.  Hopefully, the price is negotiable.  And hopefully, Atari carts fit in those dividers. 

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So i was board at work today. So i thought id look on Craigslist. Found this awesome Wii U Mario Maker bundle all nice and boxed up. Great Price and only 15 min down the road. It had been up for about 3 hours and luckily i was the first to respond and he said he would wait till i got off work.


So anyway i paid $150 for this thing and i am sooo happy i finally have a Wii U and its BOXED!!


Now all i need is smash bros and breath of the wild and ill be set


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3 various Atari 2600 consoles and a sack of probably 30 games. 

  • The Gemini works fine
  • The woody has no RF cable.  Most likely broken, but too tired to test further.
  • The Video Arcade 2 uses a different power adapter, and I'm too tired now to go find one. 

Pretty cool stuff, and some potential projects!




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