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How to Post Member Feedback (Please Read Before Posting!)


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Member Feedback Builds Your Reputation

Leaving feedback is important because it's how the person you're trading with builds their reputation, and how you build yours. If you've had a trade or transaction with an Atari I/O Member, tell us about it! Was it successful? Were they honest and operate with integrity?


Finding Member Names 

Member names are listed as thread titles in this forum and sorted alphabetically. When starting a new thread, use only the member's username as the title. Search for a member using the search function (magnifying glass) at the top right of the Member Feedback forum. The Member Feedback forum is intended purely for feedback from others who have had a transaction with you. 



Please post feedback rooted in fact and not emotion. Avoid provocations and name calling before posting, particularly when posting about a negative experience.

Here's a good example of a Member Feedback post: 


"I sent Gary $108.23 via PayPal on 4/8/2020 for D&D items listed in this thread: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/262-d-d-trade/ Three months later I have not received my items nor shipping confirmation. As of this posting I have received no status update, no tracking information, and seller remains unresponsive to my messages. Have opened a PayPal dispute and am considering further action. Dishonest seller, would not recommend."


Here's an example of what not to do:


"This jerk Gary stole my money and I still don’t have my D&D companion set! Gary is a certified weirdo and looks like a coked-up Muppet! He should be banned!!!!"


Tips for Trading

  • Remember to abide by our House Rules.
  • Looking to trade with Members who have an excellent reputation? Take a look at our Top Posters.


Special thanks to @MaximumRD for his assistance in setting up the Member Feedback forum. Happy trading!




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