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I traded some Dreamcast games with Rowsdower70 for a small batch of TurboGrafx-16 games on March 9, 2016. TurboGrafx-16 games included Super Volleyball (Import), NaxatSoft Dodge Ball (Import), Takin’ it to the Hoop, Power Golf, TV Sports Football, Battle Royale Wrestling, Vigilante, China Warrior, and last but not least The Legendary Axe. I am VERY happy with my trade. Rowsdower70 has become a pillar of our wonderful community and was absolutely awesome to trade with! Quick to communicate, fast shipping, highly recommended! Will do business with again! A++ :100:


Here is an unboxing video from my trade with Rowsdower70:




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Rowsdower70 is a fantastic trader! We've traded three times & I hope we trade many more times!

First, he sent me a GAMECUBE!!! For that awesome hookup, I sent him Legend of Kage (NES), Metroid (NES, missing front label), Karnov (NES) & Toy Story (SNES).


Then he traded me Galaxian (2600) in exchange for Codename Viper (NES).


Most recently, he sent me Millipede (2600) for Adventures of Lolo (NES).


I can't recommend Rowsdower70 as a trade partner enough!!

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I think I've also traded/transacted with Rowsdower70 more than anyone else here on the IO.  Never a problem, always a pleasure!  He set me up with my first DS Lite in a trade for some INTV boxed games on his want-list, and he's always gone the extra mile to make sure that things go smoothly when needed.  I always look forward to new inventory posts from him -- some real quality stuff in my collection has come my way thanks to him.

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