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Lost Dragon


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His generosity knows no bounds, a rarity these days but gives hopes that not everyone whom circles the retro gaming pool has intentions of self proclaimed gratification or out to profit from those exposed to been taken advantage and so on, Lost Dragon has been both a great friend to me for the last couple of years and has a tremendous amount of work and man hours populating the facts and demystifying that made up bullshit and fantasy brought forward from many so called experts, hobbyists and retro gaming journalists over the last year or so on many platforms surrounding the Atari brand for which I want to personally thank you for.


Rather than having nay Sayers, bullshit artists and retro gaming historian wannabes, simply embrace the great information out there and have it presented as things you never knew before until now. So yes Lost Dragon is one such pinnacle of this community and valued asset more than he knows :)

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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