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Atari Super Pong - Black Screen

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I've mentioned it before.  I have an Atari Super Pong, but it only displays a black screen.  I was able to open up the case (yes, I had the correct security screw-bit in my Harbor Freight kit), but everything inside looks nice and clean.  I'm guessing one of the IC's has gone bad. 


Well, before I just give up and call this one a nice piece of shelf-fodder (it will look good on a shelf), I thought I'd just ask if anyone here knows what would cause a blank black screen. 



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I wished I was more technically proficient. but will try & share my experiances


is there sound from the internal speaker ? although I have had two different working consoles with a bad speaker a first sign of life


there is a the channel switch ... it cold be gummed up , switching back & forth mey un-gum it enough for a picture


there also may be a TV tuner potetiometer in there ... about a minute into this video


for a newer TV I dunno if there is a channel tuning thing that might help dial in a picture .... I had a console that only worked on my oldest TV

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No sound at all.  I've flipped the switch, tried bypassing the power switch, turning the little pots.  I just don't think it's getting a proper start up...maybe the timing crystally thing is off...or the IC itself is bad.  Voltage looks ok throughout.  I think it's just plain dead, Jim. 

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yeah with no sound or picture I would check power as you did 


got it through the switch, diodes & the transistor & all that ?


I have a hard time just tossing stuff ... I'm not sure if there is a boneyard thread going ....


if you make an offer on this thing ...




I have an extra handlebar for the top he said it worked (powered up) but prolly didn't go all through it 

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