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Crystal Pepsi


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  1. 1. What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like To You?

    • Like a Cola
    • Like a Sprite or 7-Up
    • Like a Mystery wrapped in an Enigma surrounded by a Puzzle

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I didn't mind Crystal Pepsi during it's original run, although I'm sure I liked it more for the novelty factor.

I was lucky enough to find Ecto Cooler, but it didn't seem as good to me as it was when I first became addicted to it, when it was known as Citrus Cooler. It would come in the big aluminum (tin?) can that had to have two holes popped in the top in order to pour it out.

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My buddy works at Pepsi and let me know the same day he delivered them to a local Speedway.  They were priced for 2 for $3 or $1.50 each. To be honest, I would much rather have had the Pepsi Perfect but they were limited qty and he couldn't get his hands on one. I've seen those on eBay for ridiculous amounts upwards of $170. While this is no Pepsi Perfect, it wouldn't surprise me if the same thing happens here and people end up listing Crystal Pepsi and actually selling them for $10-$20 a bottle because for some strange reason, there seems to be a cult following for what seems to be imo just an 'ok' drink, which is very passable.


I'm a Coke drinker so Pepsi isn't exactly a soda choice by default but I'm not against it entirely, I'll definitely drink it and while it's not Coke, Pepsi is a good alternative if either Coke or Dr. Pepper isn't available. Crystal Pepsi reminds me more of a spinoff of the white Mountain Dew, no idea what the name of it is, as I'm not a Mt. Dew fan at all, just as I'm not a fan of this. It's ok and cool for the fact that they brought it back but in the end, I think it would have been cooler for them to just make the Pepsi Perfect a normally sold Pepsi item instead of a limited edition run since the only thing you're really changing is the packaging that people are willing to pay for and leave Crystal Pepsi where it belongs back in 1992/3.


It does have a lot of caffeine and the upside is that it's a clear so with the need for the unnecessary coloring that sodas have. I may buy just a few more before they are completely gone but probably not because I'm dying to drink it again.

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here's some of my favs.....


1st - Big Shot Pina Colada (Big Shot is a New Orleans soft drink company) - in my collection

2nd - Lipton Iced Tea (before they changed it to "Brisk")

3rd - Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float (available Summer 2014 & 2015 only & frozen at Taco Bell Summer 2015 only) - in my collection



I've been pushing Big Shot to bring back the Pina Colada. They haven't "shot" down the idea yet.




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