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Atari ST top ten Shoot'em up

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I cam across this fantastic video thanks to my friends on Twitter from a you tuber by the name "Games of Gears" this looks to be the first of many hopefully ST videos showing again how great the ST is as a games machine, highly polished production values, this guy knows how to present them.


So please show your support by giving it a watch and start a little topic on your favorite ST shooters that wheren't on the listed.


Check out the video here


For me


FTL's "Oids"

ERE's "Trauma"

Nexus Information Systems's "Hades Nebula"

Firebird's "Mr.Heli"

Thalamus 's "Armalyte - The Final Run"


All great shooters in my opinion...


Have a good one.

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Very nice.  I subscribed.


I'm coming at this from a little different angle...I did not have an ST back then, but I have one now.  I'm always interested to know the best games to try.  So I'll be taking notes from this video and any future ones, plus your list.  So thank you!  Keep on sharing.  You've got an active listener here. 

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The video covers a good selection, but none that have been mentioned here, after having another bash at Armalyte , it is a little basic and ordinary for a shooter ad upon looking at its a run of the mill affair, but hey its still nostegic for me.


Your reference to Platoon and Wizball, I loved Wizball, I though Pete Johnson did a great port of it, platoon I loved for the music created by David Whittaker, the game was ridiculously hard and misdirectional. But I though Wizball was ace, but yest it didn't push the hardware but did it need too?


Yeah StarRay , blood money, Silk worm and it's sequel SWIV were brilliant, but aren't mentioned in the video above, but this is a trail video to see what works and what didn't, so I suspect to see another one, that should cover these hopefully or I might just do one myself :)

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Another shooter I never see mentioned..Spaceport:


Not exactly mind blowing, does not stretch the ST etc, but if your after a Sci fi Choplifter on the ST...

Hilarious this one, I remember this game very well and for the choice of copy Kat releases, this was a complete take 16-bit rendition of the classic Synaps Software "Fort Apocalypse" I played back in 1984, such great memories of that game here is a comparison video from the Atari 8bit version, tough as shit, but brilliant had far better scrolling than the ST version too.



This St version of the game tho, had great title music, The music being possible written by the same musician from another game with light cycles called "Extensor" and can been seen here had to have written By Holger Gehrmann a great programmer and musician himself.




Some other under appraised titles worth for inclusion are


Outzone from Lankhor



Phobia from Imagework(Poxy tough game this)



And a great little gem of a game..


Skyrider (had a great digitised opening tune if you had 1 meg machine) which took the Gold Runner concept one step further. Game start about 3:38 mark.



Have a good one. Edited by Greyfox
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Lol that's what happen when you have the scope of a goldfish regarding software for the ST machine, most ST users or should I say the majority of them only ever experienced the main stream titles and had fuck all clue what was outside the confines of there home town computer store, regardless of what the magazines where showcasing it simply didn't compete with the big software houses unless they released them, so this is how limited a lot of so called ST expert wannabes are, which is a total lost to them never going to have experienced the fun and excitement we did back then.


The St was incredibly verse in its software a lot more than people give it credit for, that is why we are here to say different. I just hate educating the self proclaimed supremo's in my book the lame-o's


Kudos pal.

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Active listener here as well.  While I have know about the ST for a few years now I have no knowledge of its offerings.  I am literally just now reading ST magazines to see what was to come and what actually made it.  While the ST was in production I was enjoying the NES, 7800, and other game consoles.  The ST simply didn't exist in my area, nor Atari for that matter.  I got a 386 PC close to the end of the ST's run.  But most of my research has turned up games I played heavily on that 386 including Railroad Tycoon and SimCity.  I enjoy all kinds of games but when it comes to computers I am a sucker for simulations.  I can't wait to see what all the ST has to offer.

My major concern is where the ST got the most support...in the UK.  I am concerned that games from there will not work correctly on a NTSC setup.  And it seems the ST got a majority of the games I would play most in the UK, especially the Sega titles.

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