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RoadBlasters arcade game T-Shirt giveaway.

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If any of you have played the arcade game RoadBlasters. There is a T-Shirt giveaway if you complete Level 50 and a code given to you and you must submit the info and send it to the following address. I know this is from 1987 and there is no expired date posted. I never had the time to play it through in a while so I fired it up on mame and did a playthrough of it tonight and for the heck of it I was curious what would happen after I sent the entry to Atari. Is there any of you that have received the RoadBlasters T-Shirt? I highly doubt there are any shirts remaining, but I will keep you guys posted on the outcome.  :)







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KLAX was another Atari arcade game with a t-shirt offer, too. Instead of having to beat the game, you just mailed a check or money order for $11.95 directly to Atari! I wonder if any of these shirts could be found on eBay or classic gaming meet ups? There was even a screen in the arcade game advertising the shirt, with a digitized picture of the front and back:




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