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Atari.IO Survival Football - 2016 Edition

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After ArenaFoot's victory last year, we're back again!


And big thanks to RickR for donating a sweet prize to the champ! (http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/731-survivor-football-yahoo/?p=10526)


Behold the Atari.IO Survivor Football pool.


For those of you not familiar with how a survivor pool works, all you need to do is pick one team to win each week. If that team wins, you survive and pick again the next week. If they lose, you're down. The catch is that you can only pick each team once.


Another twist is that I set it up where you have two strikes, so you won't be eliminated until you choose incorrectly twice. I did that because I'm afraid we won't have that many participants, so this will make the contest last a little longer.


Here's where to sign up:



Click "Join a Private Group"

Group ID: #5465

Password: stella



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Just me and NSG left?  I can't believe we've made it all the way to week 9!


No Doubt! 

And you with no strikes!

Thankfully we're allowed one, or I would've been the first one out in week 2.

Now I'm hanging around like a bad cold, lol.

It was also interesting the other week when we both picked the same team. If we both lost, you would've won!

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UH OH!  Looks like I forgot to pick this week, so we are all tied up at one strike!


I thought I picked NWE, but I did it on my tablet and must have forgotten to press a submit button or something.  User error!  :) 


Still amazing that we made it to week 14!

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