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Anyone looking for an Odyssey 2?

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I've noticed several of them for sale here in Portland on Craigslist.  A boxed one for $50, and a bare one with the voice module for $80.  Both good deals.  If anyone here is looking and wants me to grab and ship one of these, let me know. 


It's just kind of a rare occurrence IMO to see them for sale. 

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I could have sworn from a while back the nosweargamer was interested in getting an Odyssey 2. May want to contact him about it and see if he is willing to purchase one from you then ship it out to him. I enjoy the Odyssey 2 and is such a terribly underrated system. Many great games.


I am but I need to hold off for the moment. Plus the shipping can get pretty high from where Rick is to where I am, especially for larger, heavier items.

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