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NEW AVP prototype found!


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I get the impression 'we' here in UK often seemed to hear more from Atari UK than perhaps you guys heard from Atari in the USA?



After Jack bought the company, it seems we heard very little compared from Atari. Sure, there were commercials, but for the most part they focused on the system and multiple games, rather than a single title. It seems like for every 10 NES commercials, there was one Atari ad. Even Sega seemed to do more promotion under Tonka. I remember seeing the Master System on Post cereal boxes. It seems they post most of their effort into "The Atari Advantage" promotion that gave you a poster in marked boxes and a chance to earn a game if you bought 15 titles.


There seemed to be even less magazine ads. Atari did try to make their own Nintendo Power with Atarian magazine, but again they did not advertise it much and I only happened to stumble upon it at a book store with a large selection of magazines. And it seems for the most part, gaming magazines treated Atari like the red headed step child. Perhaps this was due to politics and the fact that Atari simply didn't buy as many magazine ads as other companies. I wouldn't be surprised if a NES third party like Capcom or Konami spent more on ads than Atari. Recently I've been going through old comic books during this time and found no 7800 ads and only 1 Lynx ad.


Now I wasn't into computers much, but I knew about Tandy, Apple and Amiga. At the time (late 80's to 90's), I didn't even realize that Atari made computers until much later.


It is my impression that Atari Corp overall did better overseas than in the US. I heard some reports that the Lynx sold better in the UK and that Atari didn't send enough Jaguars to fulfill the UK demand at launch. It might also explain why the last two releases on the 2600 and 7800, Klax and Sentinel, made it to the UK but not here.


However, on the bright side we did get this ad:

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They went from big time video games to trying to corner the very serious computer market against Apple and IBM compatibles and then when the reality of decline set in that their sales of the STe and Falcon just weren't there to support the model, they rushed back into gaming... only the guys running it didn't really know or understand gaming as much as they knew or understood computers.


Atari should have continued to push their Lynx alongside the Jaguar and I think they actually did for a very short period of time. The model was already there and so was the experience. AvP could have been an incredible portable game for the time. I've had very limited Game Gear experience with mostly just playing Sonic Spinball and a few others but could certainly see the appeal of wanting a system for the same game that was responsible for selling a lot of Jaguars as well.


I don't remember it being the case but every single Jaguar should have shipped with a Lynx brochure and games list. Wouldn't do you any good if you can't go down to your local store to pick up whatever game but mail order was definitely an option. I was really young and had already ordered quite a few things, especially PC software games, via mail order. Didn't mind it and it was nice having things come in the mail for me.


Anyways, for me... however I ended up stumbling upon the Lynx after getting a Jaguar, worked. I owned both the Jaguar, Lynx and then would go on to purchase a Jaguar CD for my birthday in 1995. Really wanted a Falcon too at the time but little did I know how limited it was in terms of software and games and the expense really put it far out of my reach.

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