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Zaku - One. Last. Time.


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Zaku by Super Fighter Team is one of the best games available on the Lynx.  It has great gameplay and amazing production for a "homebrew" and outshines most retail releases.  The problem is that only 600 copies were produced and they've been sold out for a couple of years.  This means that the only way to play Zaku has been to pay eBay scalper prices. The Lynx players who missed out around the globe let out a cry.  Fortunately, Super Fighter Team answered their call.  Today, they announced that they are going to do a second run of 400 copies of Zaku.  The price is $58 shipped in the U.S., $65 worldwide.  All of the details are here:   http://www.zaku-lynx.com/purchase.htm


I am not at all affiliated with SFT.  I just think that Zaku is an AMAZING game and want to get the word out.  If you're into Lynx, you owe it to yourself to grab a copy.  Check out this youtube video (not mine) and judge for yourself.


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Thanks for posting this atarilbc! Zaku is one of my absolute favorite homebrews of any platform. I'm thrilled to see a second run of 400 copies made available! This is a personal favorite, if you're even remotely into Atari Lynx I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of Zaku.


The character looks a bit like Sonic but the game plays kinda like Air Zonk. It feels like an arcade shmup of that era. Atari I/O isn't affiliated with SFT either but I love the game and they do incredible work. Happy to get the word out.



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That is very tempting. The only thing holding me back is the high price and the fact that they won't ship for possibly 2 years.

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