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I don't typically find anything local in the Atari scene. Craigslist tends to be a bust or things are located at the other side of the county. It's so sprawling here that unless a good deal is a sure thing, it probably isn't worth the traffic. Today I read about "OfferUp!" and decided to take a risk. One 15 minute drive later and I picked up a near mint 7800 and boxed O2 with detachable controllers. The owner didn't have any switch boxes or adapters so they were both as-is. Apparently, they came from her mom's attic.


I tried to give her full price saying that if they work it was more than fair and if they were broken, I could probably fix it or use them for parts. The very cool lady insisted on a discount for the drive and even threw in a Nintendo strategy guide!


I've only had time to test out the 7800 but after some cleaning of the cart slot it fired right up. The O2 has the older style RF out that requires the Magnavox switch box. I'll probably open it up tomorrow and swap out the RF cable with an Atari one. It definitely needs a thorough cleaning.


Have you used OfferUp!? Share your finds!





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