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Blockbuster Video Is Still Open!


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"Blockbuster Video Isn't Dead".. Yes, They are still open--some independent franchisees have been continuing business even after the 2013 close-out(s). At the time of posting, there is only 13 stores left. I made a site tracking them with a map. Enjoy!




I figured this would be the perfect place to link it.

Share all your nostalgia posts (and plans to road-trip, lol) here!!  :D Spread The Word!

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As a former employee of Blockbuster Online (the Netflix version of Blockbuster), I miss the good ole days of being there! We had 45 DC's (Distribution Centers) across the US to mail out and receive returned DVD's at. It was the best "retail" job I ever had, no customers, as we were in a locked DC with no signage on the outside. I was in charge of receiving the new DVD's (anywhere from five to 6000 of one title), printing labels, sleeving up each disc, labeling each sleeve, scanning them into inventory, and stocking them on the shelves so they may be pulled when requested - along with keeping an inventory of the DVD artwork, fixing any errors on labels (usually occurred in box sets), etc. We used employees thru a temp agency, so there was no long interview/hiring process to go thru and if they made it for a year, we would convert them into Block employees.

My boss had a corporate card and would take me and the other DC Assistant out to lunch at least once a week. He would also buy lunch for all the employees in the DCat least once a month. Christmas parties would have awesome giveaways, such as: watches, VHS/DVD combos, portable DVD players, DVD movies, etc.  We had some awesome fringe benefits there. 

We have a few DVD disc cleaning machines and disc check machines - so that we could polish any scratched disc and make it look brand new again. I did this with ALOT of my Xbox and PS2 discs!

Below I pulled up some 2005-2010 Blockbuster Online logos and ads to share with ya'll.








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