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Whoops...looks like it was "ROTJ", not "ESB".  From wikipedia:


Following on from the success of The Elephant Man, the filmmaker George Lucas, himself a fan of Eraserhead, offered Lynch the opportunity to direct the third film in his Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi. Lynch refused, arguing that Lucas should direct the film himself as the movie should reflect his own vision, not Lynch's take on it.

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Eraserhead seems like so much more than a movie, more like a recorded dream (or nightmare).


The image is so uniquely 'there' and 'not there' at the same time, because of the grainy, black and white, darkly-shadowed presentation.

And the sound is unnerving. Had the cassette tape of the soundtrack at some point, and it just seemed to be these long stretches of industrial sounds, injected with that unforgettable radiator lady song.


Maybe the dream-quality is why every time I watch this movie (not very often at all) it seems new and never quite the same thing I remember.


Watched it a few months ago, from a local library Blu-Ray and it was just as great and disturbing as ever.

There are some old Lynch shorts and a terrific making-of doc on this release.

Highly recommend it for fans.

Your daughter would love it, green. But then she probably knows about it already.


Yeah, Lynch has always been a filmmaker that lights my inner film geek flame whenever he puts out something (or even whenever he's mentioned, and those dreamscapes of his then engulf my thoughts for a while).

Twin Peaks is a mind-blower.

Followed it live back then, and time would stop every week on that first season.

While the second one didn't live up to expectations (due to network pressure to resolve the mystery) the entire affair is quite a ride on a modern binge.

Again, another blu-ray set that gifts its fans with a gorgeous transfer and nifty extras.


Mulholland Drive!

Love that one to bits.

It may be the only Lynch movie I've seen that makes more sense the more you rewatch it.

Well, of his strange-oeuvre collection.


Man, I hope the new Twin Peaks offers another visit into his cool sense of strangeness.


gah! I love all his stuff



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My daughter bought me the dvd last Christmas and she has watched it even more than I have! Blu Ray this Christmas. You hit it out of the park. LOL, I have the soundtrack as well. I'm going to re-watch Twin Peaks this weekend for the first time since it aired.

 "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime."

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