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The Argos Expedition

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I have been searching my noggin AND Google for a while now trying to figure out the name of a game I really loved as a teen, and I finally put the right terms in Google to find it!  (That's the good news)

The bad news is, there's VERY little information about this gem.   I remembered it was educational (It was actually made my Children's Television Workshop and CBS), and you explored space searching for artifacts.   That was about all I could vividly remember.

Here's a few screenshots I did find:
(the box)
(some screens)

And YouTube only had the opening theme (which is just awesome, all hail the SID)

I'm hoping I'm going to win a copy of this on eBay and pass it along to one of you talented folks to make a proper video for this really neat game.

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Disk Only i guess and rather obscure here in UK?


I'd never heard of the game prior to this and was a huge C64 fan.


Yet again, Atari I.O scratching that Retro 'itch' so many others have failed to reach.



Really appreciate this being featured.

Looking online it appears that there WAS a European release, but I have no idea how many were made. 


I'd guess it wouldn't be quite as popular being that Children's Television Workshop was an American TV thing.

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