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GameCube Memory card problem


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Maybe yall can help me on this one. No clue why its doing it, but its doing it


First off got the power cord for my new gamecube and it took some cleaning but it works and reads discs.


Second, i got this non Nintendo brand memory card from a friend of mine and i have been using on my wii for a while with no problems, but recently the wii wont turn on if the memory card is in the slot. Also if the wii is on and you put the memory card in it just shuts the wii off


So i tested the memory card on the gamecube and it does the same thing. I did get the memory card to work one time, but it seemed to be fime. I would have thought it would ask to format it but it didnt.


Not sure what the problem is, but there is memory on the card i would like to keep.

Thanks for reading.


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I can't say I have a solution for you, though I wish I could. I can say, with great experience, that once upon a time when I was a young man in high school and the beginning of college I used to run 'R Zone' (the video game and electronics dept.) at Toys 'R' Us locations in two different states, and I saw this problem all the time. Literally once or twice a week, no exceptions. Bad third party memory cards particularly with GameCube and N64. They don't have a reputation for lasting long and when they blow out they're usually gone for good.


Unfortunately you have an Intec brand memory card, they have some of the poorest build quality and highest failure rate of any that I have seen. My best suggestion would be to keep playing with it, see if you can port the information to a new card and stick with first party Nintendo memory cards for those systems from here on out if you can. I realize they cost a bit more, but now that these are getting older, and given that we are classic gamers who like to keep our games for many years, it's worth the investment to have a couple of reliable memory cards for your system. I'm sorry this happened to you.



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I'm going to suggest you do not use that card.  It might cause damage to your system.  It sounds like has become defective.  Not uncommon with the third-party memory cards.  I can't say much, though, as I use MadCatz cards for my PS2.  Everything else I have that needs memory cards comes from either Sega, Sony, or Nintendo.  

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