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Chat Night movie viewing?


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Just putting some feelers out to determine the feasibility of watching a movie together during a chat.  I figure if we all had access to the movie, we could try to keep in sync via communications during the chat...and talk about the movie as we go.


So who all has Netflix?  Is there some other on-line source I should look into?


Netflix has "Big Trouble in Little China", which may be a good movie to start on.


What do you all think?

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I do this every Sunday night with friends.   We use:  https://www.rabb.it/

As long as you can find a stream somewhere for it, you can watch it together.   It's not perfect, but it works pretty darn well, and a lot better than tinychat used to.

The bad news is there has to be a stream available publicly to use it.   The good news?  Well if you know what to look for you can find a stream for JUST about anything. ;)

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