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Delusional Videogame Seller

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"This game is called mine storm .rare release in 1982 like new only played about 6 times since 1982 look for the best offer"



ASKING $45,000  :lol:


along with a "Make Offer" button & "Ask" button  :rofl:




:rofl:  :spot:

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Offer him an Omnivision system in trade.

Let him know the Omnivision requires no shipping, as it travels by itself and will find its way to the designated address and materialize in the living room.

It plays all games ever made and yet-to-be-produced up to, and including, the year 2565 (when VR and actual reality will blend into a transcendant lifestyle).

Tell him the Omnivision voice module told you this.

And it values at $45,230.95.


If after shipping the Vectrex, the Omnivision does not show up, it has deemed the recepient mortal unfit for its presence.

The Onivision shall therefore debate handing him over to Orion slavers for re-education in proper seller-marketing techniques.

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