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I have some ATARI ST news: ANARCHO Ride V1.04 - New Horizons

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Hi to all ATARI Fans. It has been a while since my last news!


But the time has come for a bigger ANARCHO Ride Update for the ATARI STe/Falcon! “ANARCHO Ride - New Horizons” brings… well… new horizons! One thing that was always missing in ANARCHO Ride was a proper horizon projection. Now it is here! And it comes with Expansion Pack 2! New tracks mainly made during the OFAM2016 ATARI Party. And this will be a growing expansion pack… Hopefully while visiting more ATARI Parties I get more inspirations for more craziness!





And there is even more! Laserball has a new language update! Czech! And ANARCHO Ride is expected to get a Czech version as well very soon!

UPDATE: Czech Version is now included!







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A Wonderful gift and so keeping the Atari ST scene very much alive, it's a shame that there isn't enough interaction here from fellow members on their thoughts on all this stuff, they tend to stick to the familiar Atari system they grew up with in the USA, but all I can say to those that have no interest in the Atari ST , you are missing out on a platform that hold more surprises that their console counterparts.


Again thanks Thomas for this wonderful addition to the ST, long may it last :)

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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