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HDX on the TI-99/4A and WHY you need it. (latest video)

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Pretty cool.  But no pbox here. 


I have a spare. Do you want one in nice physical shape and good operating condition?  If so, I can bring it to Fest West next year if you want to buy it.  It has:


1) TI Floppy controller (unmodified) with original TI Disk drive.

2) 32K Memory Expansion

3) Flex Card (naturally)

4) A new whisper quiet fan installed.  It's the same P-Box in << THIS BLOG ENTRY >>.


It's 5-1/2 months away so you have plenty of time to decide or save up.

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5 hours ago, Airshack said:

YouTube says video unavailable?

Is HDX still worthwhile with TipiPEB?

No, not really, which is why I took that video down.  That video was around 4 1/2 years old and predated the TIPI.  I did not feel comfortable promoting it any longer now that there is something much, much better with more functions and less expensive to implement.

<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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