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Flea Market reminiscent of the 90s

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Thanks to Lee for the inspiration to finally getting around to posting this. I'm not sure how many remember and maybe it was area dependent, but Flea Markets of the 90s were great. Tons of great things to find and generally not always overpriced. Not since the late 90s have I really been in a Flea Market that truly took me back until just a few weeks ago. While I didn't grab many pictures, it does show the few good deals and that interesting things can still be found.


Not sure why they have an Indy 500 in a brown Mystique case but I found the case to be of particular interest - doubt it's worth $30 but who knows.



In the 90s, I used to pick up 2600 games for $2 - considering that you can pick up a lot of (mostly common) 2600 games still for only a dollar more seems great to me. At $3 a pop, it doesn't seem like a bad deal.



$150 for a boxed 2600 seems like a lot of money to me but maybe not. I'm no collector and the box isn't exactly in mint shape but still, they're out there.



Alf was something I grew up with and a friend of mine to this day still really likes this guy. Not only a board game of him but also a puzzle (as well as about 100 other vintage board games)




Was one of my favorite movies at one point and still a great title but found it interesting to run across the board game for it.


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We had two flea markets here for a while in the downtown district.  But any new businesses that set-up shop there seem to last between 3 to 6 months and then they close shop.  In one of those I found a Tandy/Memorex VIS with over 20 titles for $20.  A rare machine as only about 11,000 of them are known to still exist but not really worth anything because of all the educational titles that were dominate on it.  I do, however, have two actual games for it if you don't include the space shooter on the sampler disc: Links (Golf) and Sherlock Holmes Volume 2.  It's one of those machin0es I like it because of what it is and it is neat to look but at the same time I don't like it because it has nothing of much interest and it takes up the same amount space as an older VCR.


It's really cool to see those Atari items and the board games as well.  I never missed an episode of Alf if I didn't have to.  Really good show that I wish they would show again somewhere.  He was always trying to eat the cat.

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I noticed a board game in the photos that my wife and I found at a yard sale a few years ago...but don't know if all the pieces are there or how to play it.  The game is called Scotland Yard and it is in the photo of the Close Encounters game just above Concentration.  Does anyone here know how to play that game and what all pieces should be in the box?

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